10 July · 20 November 2016

conversano · bari


50 works by Giorgio De Chirico exhibited at the Castle of Conversano from 10 July to 20 November 2016.
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Artes Cultural Association, which for several years has been promoting initiatives of great cultural significance within the province of Bari, among which is Il Festival Libro Possibile, opens a new section called L’Arte Possibile this year.
Artes Cultural Association is organizing an exhibition of 50 works of art by the famous artist Giorgio de Chirico, made up of 27 paintings, 8 drawings/watercolors, 10 lithographs and 5 sculptures in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Conversano and Fondazione Giorgio and Isa de Chirico in Rome. The location of the exhibition, the Aragonese Castle of Conversano, inspired the creator of the scientific project as well as curator of the exhibition, Dr. Mariastella Margozzi, to entitle it "Return to Castle”: a theme that is one of the most evocative titles that de Chirico gives his "neo-Baroque" paintings of the '40s and '50s, as well as some fine paintings of the season "neo-metaphysical" of the 60s and 70s.
It is a subject related to the re-reading of the chivalrous poems, especially those of Ariosto, where the adventure is combined with the melancholy of the past, of tradition, of that "virtual" castle that is the point of departure and return of all human existence. A theme that de Chirico also renewed in the subsequent period of rethinking of metaphysics, which he invented in the second decade of the twentieth century.

Guided tours are only available on site or on advance booking, subject to availability of the guide, exclusively by contacting the following number 393 999 05 05, in these times 9:30 - 13:30 | 16:00 to 20:00.
Saturday and Sunday afternoon the organization of the exhibition does not provide the guided tour, nor will it is allowed to take guided tours by external guides.

It is allowed to enter the exhibition only for small dogs (that can be held in the arms of their respective owners)

The staff of the exhibition has provided guided tours schools divided by age groups having also complementary educational activities.
For info and reservations contact servizieducativi@dechiricoconversano.com | tel. 393 90 55 121 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30.

Arte Possibile will donate the profits to be realized in the period of extension of the exhibition in scientific research projects on rare genetic diseases of Telethon Foundation.

De Chirico
and the castle

About Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico was born to Italian parents in Volos, Greece, on July 10, 1888. He attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich where his family had moved, and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. It is precisely at this time that Giorgio approaches the artistic movement of metaphysical painting, becoming, in a short time, its main exponent. Between 1912 and 1924, the artist passed from the drawing of large sunny squares, to its first mannequins and still-lifes characterized by geometric symbols, cookies and breads. In the 50s, he expressed his art in self-portraits in Baroque style and views of Venice. After collaborations with the main art journals and the most famous newspaper of the time, he moved to Rome where he died on November 20, 1978, after a long illness.


In the paintings of the master, it is tangible the exceptional nature of his graphic sign; while the lithographs and sculptures tell, on the fringes of the paintings, the artist's ability to engage in "technical disclosure" of his work, always maintaining a high quality of construction. The theme of the exhibition is particularly attuned with the cultural history of Conversano, its castle and of the wonderful seventeenth-century paintings of the painter Paul Finoglio, which are also dedicated to the chivalrous poems. The continuity between Finoglio and de Chirico is, in the first place in the subject matter and secondly in the pursuit of beautiful painting, capable of making the cultural depth of the Italian painting tradition.

Catalog of works

Catalogo Giorgio de Chirico Ritorno al Castello

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The castle of Conversano

Magnificent stately home, Norman mold, the Aragonese Castle of Conversano will be the location of the exhibition dedicated to Giorgio de Chirico.